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It's all about the Student Visa


Read on for some pointers on how to apply for the student visa in Australia.

The Visa subclass 500 is the one you need to study in Aus - be it for an English language course or to continue your University studies.

You can also work under this visa as long as you do not work more than 20 hours per week. However, during school holiday time, you are allowed to work double that, 40 hours per week! Hey, that’s a full-time job, are you ready for it? Please note, though, that you must have already started your studies before finding a job and working those 20 hours.

BTW, there is one exception to this rule, and that is for research students. So, if you are doing a PhD or Master of Research, you can work as many hours as you want. Just don’t forget your research!

Don’t forget also, if you give up your studies and want to go travelling, that’s a no-no. With this visa, you must be enrolled in a college or university and attend classes for the whole of the academic period.

If you are already on Australian soil and have a Tourist Visa or Working Holiday Visa, you can apply for a Student Visa, just make sure you start all the applications well before your visa runs out, at least 4 weeks. You must have confirmation of enrolment in your course plus have insurance in order to apply for the student visa. As with many temporary visas, Australia requires the visa holder to have health insurance to cover their time in Australia.

If you are already in Australia on a Student visa and your course has finished and your visa is running out, you can apply for another Student Visa if you wish to study something new. You may be granted a Bridging Visa, based on your new student visa application. Watch out, though, if you continue to work... Students who have completed a course of study and have been granted, or have applied for, a student visa for the purpose of undertaking a different course of study, are required to stop working from the grant date of the new visa and cannot work until the new course commences.

In summary :

  • A student visa holder is not permitted to work until their course has commenced and is in session.

  • A student visa holder may work unlimited hours when their course is not in session.

  • A student visa holder who has commenced a masters by research or a doctorate course may work unlimited hours after commencing their postgraduate research course.


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